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How your purchase helps others

When you purchase Kindred Artwear, you do more than just add a unique new fashion item to your wardrobe.  You invest in SOCIAL CHANGE!  This investment touches the lives of fellow kindred around the world, and supports positive change in the environment around us.  Here are the many ways your purchase can help better the world we all call home:

Giving to communities in need: While your purchase might seem like a small retail sale, it can go a long ways in some of the neediest communities in Africa, Asia, and Central America.  Kindred works with a wide variety of traditional and modern cultural fabrics made by craftswomen and men from around the world.  Your support helps these craftsmakers to continue providing for their families and communities, while simultaneously preserving their cultural traditions.  Moreover, some of our most widely-used fabrics (the authentically African mudcloth and kente cloth) are purchased from a supplier that donates a portion of our fabric purchase proceeds to charities and orphanages throughout Africa.

In Central America, KINDRED donates a portion of its merchandise and proceeds to humanitarian organizations in Panama dear to our hearts.  We have made in-kind donations to The Salvation Army and Aid For AIDS (AFA), and monetary donations to The Hemophilia Foundation of Panama, as well as donated enviro-friendly shopping bags to the Cooperativa Valle Verde environmental conservation organization, and allocated a portion of our proceeds to the purchasing of back-to-school items for children of the Ciudad del Niño (City of Children) - a shelter, educational sponsor, and vocational institution in Panama that helps give orphans and children from humble means an opportunity to overcome poverty and receive the education they need to succeed in life.

Most recently, we have also donated to World Vision's Haiti Earthquake Relief Fund. 

Supporting cultural appreciation: Kindred supports the cultural programs of The Arnold Walters Foundation (AWF), whose mission is to celebrate and promote cultural diversity in Panama through arts, science, and sports; building bridges of understanding among communities.  Moreover, for our fashion shows, Kindred strives to re-define beauty as we know it, by promoting talents and models of all ages, shades, shapes, and sizes.

Advocating for ONEness: Whether it's our Kente Kimono or Ethnic Denim Flare, by sporting Kindred Artwear, you become a manifestation of our mission...showing on-lookers that diverse cultural and generational expressions can co-exist harmoniously...as can we.  CELEBRATE DIVERSITY...EMBRACE ONE HUMANKIND!