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About Kindred

Kindred is a socially-conscious brand apparel designer and distributor founded on the principle that we are all brethren of the same Mother Earth.  We may come in different shapes, shades, and sizes, but we all stem from the same tree of life. 

Our mission at Kindred is to promote the celebration of our vast cultural diversity, while not losing sight of our roots as ONE humankind.

Setting a fun-spirited tone to this quest for social change, we fuse the trendy, pop-culture mediums of art and fashion.

Through our Fusion Artwear line, we blend a variety of fabrics, materials, symbols, and styles from diverse countries and cultures around the world, into a collection of unique , trendsetting designs that illustrate a harmonious expression of cultural diversity.  Adding to its uniqueness is the option for customized orders, where you – the shopper, can experience the creation of your very own artwear.  We also support fellow craftsmakers from around the world who similarly create intriguing wearable art.

When you purchase Kindred artwear, you do more than just add a unique new fashion item to your wardrobe.  You invest in social change!  This investment touches the lives of fellow kindred around the world, and supports positive change in the environment around us. 

Become a Kindred spirit today and help celebrate diversity while embracing one humankind...
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